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ROLL WITH ME: A Program to Support Children in Wheelchairs Due to Gun Violence:

The impact of gun violence on children can be devastating, causing life-altering injuries, including paralysis. This program will focus on helping these innocent children to thrive and reach their full potential while supporting their families in navigating their new life-altering reality. Wheel Sunshine Support specializes in providing support and assistance to these children and helping them to navigate their reality with hope. Through a combination of resources, counseling, weekly respite, activities, educational and advocacy support, these children receive the resources they need to overcome their challenges and live their lives to the fullest.

All of our "Roll with Me" care packages are free to families with children who have been paralyzed due to gun violence in the United States or in wheelchairs in our partnering countries. Families will receive these packages either in their rehabilitation facility or when they are being discharged.

All "Roll with Me" care packages include staples that we have found to be helpful to families as well as some customized items based on a family's specific needs and availability. We provide one per family.

Example of "Roll with Me" care package could include: decorative wheel spokes, seat cushion, welcome home signage, BBI butterfly stuffed animal, telescopic grabber, sticker books, children's books, blanket, and tshirt; caregiver items include a prayer plaque, candle, medical journal and resources.

A Crooked Path Project

This 3-month program provides intentional learning, counseling, activities, and growth opportunities as building blocks to address a children’s past and current violent and traumatic experiences. The program creates a safe and supportive environment to help children heal from the effects of trauma. The counseling component offers one-on-one or group sessions with mental health professionals who help children process and cope with their experiences. The weekly activities and experiences are carefully designed to help build resilience, foster positive relationships, and develop positive coping skills. Overall, the program focuses on empowering children to move beyond their traumas and live healthy and fulfilling lives while using a multi-generational approach understanding that violence and trauma does not only affect the child but also their families and communities. By including multiple generations in the healing process, the program addresses the complex needs of the individual and their families. The approach recognizes that children's trauma affects their sense of self, sense of control, and their relationship with others. By involving parents and caregivers, the program enhances the protective factors and resilience of the child. This approach also helps to build a supportive community by providing a safe space for families to share their experiences and seek support.

Stay Ready: Crisis Intervention Program

Stay Ready is a half-day program that equips children who live in violent communities with the skills necessary to stay safe and handle crises. The program can include a variety of activities and modules, such as conflict resolution and de-escalation, self-defense, stress management, recognizing mental distress, and Stop the Bleed training. Overall, the goal of the program is to empower children to respond appropriately and effectively in moments of crisis in violent communities, promote personal safety and foster a more peaceful and supportive environment.

A to Sea: Teen Travel Etiquette Program

Travel experiences can be beneficial for children who have experienced trauma or live in violent communities. It allows them exposure to different cultures and perspectives, builds new, positive memories to counterbalance traumatic events, and it assists with re-establishing trust and opportunities for healing.

Exploring Social Media Workshop

This two-hour interactive workshop teaches children about the dangers of social media is essential for children in the 21st century. They must find the balance between online activities and real-life activities, be able to protect their safety and identity, build healthy habits, understand the negative impact social media can have on self-esteem, body image, and mental health and develop critical thinking skills to navigate the digital world. This program can also be tailored for parents and guardians as well.