Breaking Barriers International

Breaking Barriers - Healing Hearts - Building Hope!


Breaking Barriers International is an organization that works to uplift children in urban and impoverished areas who have experienced trauma or violence or live amongst it. We aim to support children impacted by trauma and violence while identifying the root causes and bringing awareness of their experiences and environments to others for greater understanding. We provide safe spaces and opportunities for children to heal, grow, and be exposed to new and positive experiences, and allow children to explore their untapped potential. The butterfly symbolizes transformation, hope,  power of positive change, and the beginning of new life–a goal for all of our children. 

Our Priorities

Violence Prevention

Many urban children who are involved in gun violence come from low-income families and neighborhoods…

Trauma & Grief

Traumatic events and violence can impact children in many ways. Trauma and grief can cause a child to have difficulty…

Child Poverty

The problem with children living in poverty is that it can have long-lasting impacts on their physical, mental, and emotional health…

Our Programs

Roll with me

The impact of gun violence on children can be devastating, causing life-altering injuries, including paralysis. This program will focus on helping these innocent children to thrive and reach their full potential while supporting their families in navigating their new life-altering reality. Wheel Sunshine Support specializes in providing support and assistance to these children and helping them to navigate their reality with hope. Through a combination of resources, counseling, weekly respite, activities, and educational and advocacy support, these children receive the resources they need to overcome their challenges and live their lives to the fullest.


This is how your contribution makes an impact in the lives of our youth.